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Killer Aaron Campbell Was Already On Police Watch List Before He Brutally Molested And Killed Alesha MacPhail

Alesha MacPhail’s killer was being followed by authorities over different crimes before molesting and killing the schoolgirl, it has been alleged.

It is known that Aaron Campbell – who attracted Alesha, 6, out of bed before carrying her into woodland and conducted the wicked attack – was subject to the Named Person scheme.

He was on the radar of social services and police under the Scottish scheme, which noticed him monitored after doing low-level crimes on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. A childcare professional kept tabs on his development – before the scheme was axed by the Scottish Government.

Alesha’s uncle, Calum-John MacPhail, told that “We recognized nothing of any warning signs regarding Campbell’s past.

“There should be a complete investigation to discover if chances were missed to protect Alesha. We had no plan before this that there were any markers or concerns regarding Campbell – apart from unconfirmed rumor – and I’m angry regarding that.

“There has to be a full Significant Case Review and we require to find out what occurred to prevent any future tragedies.”

But a case study by Argyll and Bute Council discovered that Campbell “had not reached the threshold” to trigger protocol for beginning physically harmful behavior.

A Scottish Government spokesman told: “Our sympathies remain to be with the family of Alesha MacPhail for their terrible loss. The local child protection committee undertook an initial review of the circumstances of this tragic case. While that did not find any evidence that this crime could have been foreseen, the local authority has confirmed that it will review local procedures in light of the findings. We are also considering whether there is any national learning arising from the review.”

Campbell has imprisoned for at least 27 years for killing Alesha, of Airdrie, when she was attending her dad Robert MacPhail, 26, and grandparents in Rothesay, Bute, in July last year. Her body was discovered on the grounds of a nearby derelict hotel with 117 separate injuries.

Jurors unanimously discovered Campbell guilty of murder in February following a nine-day trial.

He had not been named through proceedings due to his age but was later unmasked in a landmark legal ruling.

Judge Lord Matthews marked him a “cold, callous, calculating, remorseless and dangerous” individual and hinted he would only be discharged if “a lot of work” was done to change him.

But his sentence was later cut by 3 years to a minimum 24-year term on appeal, despite a psychologist revealing Campbell admitted thoughts of necrophilia and pedophilia, as well as wishes to kill and carry out sex attacks.

A report told that he was annoyed that schoolgirl Alesha was alive when he molested her.

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