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A Woman Physically Assaulted By Two Men Who Later Left Her In Pain

A woman from Florida, who returned home after dinner, was molested by two men who broke into her house. The law enforcers caught the two who have shown such hawkishness and now are accused of physical assault, molestation, and theft.

The woman was subjected to molestation for about half an hour by those two who invade her house. The officials identified the accused as Yandri Lopez Macaya, aged 40-year-old and Yovany Eduardo Vera Lorenzo, an aged 45-year-old and these two were loaded with molestation and theft.

Both the men are the residents of Marathon and now are held to the stock island jail. Both of them have a bond of $500,000 each. It is reported that the woman returned home from Havana Jack’s restaurant in the Key colony beach, fatigue was on top-notch so she slept and When she woke up, she found that two men were on top of her, and afterward, they molested her.

It is reported that the first person who was on her top when she woke up was identified as Lorenzo. And the other man who molested her as well after he grabbed the woman’s hand just after the first person finished molested her.

Moreover, the woman was in great perplexity of how to fight back those foul people. But somehow she fought back and escaped from their grip and ran directly towards the enforcers to report what happened with her. The woman told police officers that she had punched and scratched the offenders and tried a countless times to leave their intentions of hawkishness.

Although the victim was much helped and supported by the salesman in the gas station at 3896 overseas highway, which helped the lady to call the police and later caught those horrible offenders.

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