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A Woman Was Given News That There Was No Possibility Of Her Baby Would Survive But Now She Is Thriving

Kirsty Mizon was given tragic news that there was no possibility her baby would survive after her waters broke at just 13 weeks.

Overcome with sadness – the mum-to-be, 23, went home and expected for the inevitable to happen and for her little one to die. Devastatingly, Kirsty, from Burton, Staffordshire, even began plotting a funeral for her unborn child – including purchasing an outfit for the tot to be buried in.

However, as her pregnancy improved, Kirsty’s prayers were answered – her baby still had a heartbeat and was going to survive. Against all differences, the baby was born at 29 weeks on December 1 weighing a tiny 3lbs.

She’s called her little girl a “Christmas miracle”, adding: “I understand it doesn’t occur to everyone and there is not always a good result but hang on if you can because there can be a happy ending.”

Kirsty’s fear took place when she was only in the initial stages of her pregnancy at 13 weeks.

The mum told: “When I realized I was pregnant I was so happy and began buying things right away. I was 13 weeks pregnant when I woke up in the night. That was at 4 am. At 8 am I was going to work when I believed I required the toilet and I began dripping blood.

“I arrived home and called an ambulance. When I noticed all the blood I knew it would be bad news. It was horrible. The doctors at the hospital told that my waters have broken and told my baby will pass away within 48 hours. They told me to go home and wait for it to happen.”

Sorrowful, Kirsty left the hospital and expected for the agonizing moment when her baby would die. But her little one determined to be a fighter and wasn’t going anywhere.

She soon came back to the hospital where she was frequently offered a termination and said it was likely her baby, who doctors at the time believed was a boy, would not survive or would be born handicapped. Despite this, Kirsty refused to give up on her tot, despite this putting her own life at risk.

Kirsty and her partner 26-year-old Lewis Peach has been left in awe by their miracle baby.

“She is doing really great. She will apparently be in the hospital until the New Year but she only has one difficulty which can be fixed with physiotherapy,” Kirsty told.

“I am still in shock. I just can’t think I have a baby. A beautiful baby girl. She is my Christmas miracle.”

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