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Man Confesses Of Killing His Wife And Mother

A 34-year-old man has been arrested by the police on account of killing his wife and mother. Further, what was surprising is that the accused himself called up the Police and confessed about the murder.

According to the information received from the various sources, Johnny Thomas Edwards, after informing the Police was found waiting outside his house to surrender himself. The bodies of the two were found inside the house.

One of the reporters also wrote the following,
It’s so sad. A former star football player in HS is accused of killing his wife and his mother at their Fayette County Home. Investigators search for a motive.”

The Police informed that the only suspect found for the time being is Edward as nothing else could be found which would serve as a piece of evidence. However, the reason for the killings came out to be domestic disputes.

The husband and his wife lived with his parents. At the time when the incident took place, Edward’s father was out of town and hence, was not available.

The investigative agencies scrutinized the entire crime scene carefully but they could not find much information regarding the time of murder or any other object which could help furthermore.

The reason for domestic fights was not a concrete reason to kill a person but nothing more, in addition, could be found. Edward is now serving in jail in a non-bailable offense.


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