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Researches Reveal Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer That Women Are Unaware Of

Ovarian Cancer is something that millions of women all over the world are unaware of and this problem is becoming a huge threat to their lives.

Lack of knowledge has created a threat to most of their lives as women generally ignore the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

According to the information received from various authorities, only one in five British women know that swollen state of their private parts is one of the main warning signs or one of the important symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

The study has further revealed that almost three-quarters of all the women are aware of the fact that a lump in their breast or in their armpit could be a very important symptom of breast cancer.

The study has revealed that one in five women who are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer is too late to receive any kind of treatment for their disease because either is they ignored the symptoms or were completely unaware of them.

It has further been revealed that only 20% of the patients were able to identify that they had stage 4 cancer as they ignore the symptoms.

Gynecological Killer

According to the information received from the sources, Ovarian cancer is the biggest gynecological slayer of women in Britain and the UK has the worst survival rates in Europe.

It has been said that, if someone got diagnosed in the earlier stage, that person has 90% chance of surviving over five years but, those who are diagnosed at stage 2, only have 40% survival chances.

Mentioned earlier, the ones who are diagnosed in the final stage, have 90% chances of dying.

Key Symptoms That Should Not Be Ignored

There are many symptoms that a woman would not be able to identify herself but there are many others that are traceable by a layman and should be considered serious.

These are,

<> Urge To Urinate At Small Intervals Of Time

Some of us have the habit of drinking lots of water that later makes us run to the washroom but peeing at very short intervals of times for no reason is a thing of concern and must be taken to a concerned doctor.

Peeing often is not an important symptom of Ovarian Cancer but should be definitely discussed with a specialist.

<> Early Satiety

If there are frequent changes in your appetite, you must visit a medicinal professional for a check-up.

Feeling full even after eating a very less amount of food is not a good indication as there must be something wrong in your body which is creating this kind of problem.

<> Sudden Pain In Pelvic Area Or In Belly

Having pain in the pelvic region is not an uncommon thing as pain in that area can occur because of various factors including acidity.

But, feeling pain every day for no reason might be an indication of something bad going in your body and it might be an indication of something like ‘IBS’.

<> Involuntary Weight Loss

If you are not trying to reduce your body mass or you are involved in any of physical activity to reduce your weight, but still you are shedding your weight for an unexplained reason, it is a very common symptom for those having cancer.

This unexplained weight loss should be, without any delay, taken to a medical professional for proper and most importantly, ‘early’ treatment.

Researchers say, “If you are not dieting and still you lose more than 5% of your weight in a month or 10% in 6 months, your doctor will want to find out the cause. For example, if you weigh 10 stone (63.5 kg) and lose half a stone (3kg) in one month, or a stone (6kg) in 6 months that would need investigating.

“This may not seem like a lot of weight, but if you continue to lose weight at this momentum, it could come out as a very serious problem.”

<> Change In Bowel Habits

If there is a sudden change in your pooh habits, then you must a doctor or some medical professional for proper and timely treatment.

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