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Secret Santa Gifts $50,000 To A Man To Help His Family

Parents can do anything for their children even if it means sacrificing their lives for the good future of their children. One such incident came to our knowledge where a couple, Brad Crow, and his wife, Erica, wanted to build a house for their two children whom they had adopted.

They wanted to build a house that they had dreamt of for themselves and started with its construction. However, things got worse for them when Brad fractured his leg during the construction severely . He got his leg amputated, otherwise, he could have died.

However, things did not come to an end for them. Brad was not going to work to earn a living for a year long. It came to light that during his teenage he was diagnosed with bone cancer which was a very rare one. And in the present, he had to get his leg amputated.

His wife, Erica, was trying as much as possible as she could to run the family.
One of Erica’s sister informed about their situation to a news agency who was running a secret Santa series on the occasion of Christmas.

When they were informed, the reporters went to the couple’s home and gifted them $50000 as a Christmas gift. Both of them had tears of joy in their eyes. They were really happy as their dream of a house would be fulfilled and they will celebrate Christmas with joy.

But the couple did not ever develop a negative mindset because of the circumstances. Rather they showed a positive mindset and immense courage which is a source of great inspiration for all of us.

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