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Dave Bautista Kindles The Batman Casting Rumors With A Tweet! Is He Playing Bane?

Is it true?? Dave Bautista playing the Bane role??? Hence, here’s everything related to The Batman casting rumors!!!!

The genre of superheroes has dominated the film industry for almost a decade, and there seems to be no shortage. As such, many studios have participated in action with their own cinematic universe. And sometimes some actors like Josh Brolin and Peter Dinklage have appeared. Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista has been playing the Drakes for years, but his latest tweet has fans angry over Bain’s outlook for DC.

Dave statement on this matter:-

Dave Bautista seems to be the choice of a murderer to play Bain, as he has a fascinating body and history in wrestling. Although fans have long demonstrated that it would be a great ban, Bautista recently fed those rumors.
‘I meant to come on. We don’t know about Dave Bautista possibly joining the DC universe. Guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 has not been going on for some years, so it makes sense that the actor has started negotiations for another comic book role.

Dave Bautista was active on Twitter!!!

Dave Bautista’s recently post comes from his personal Twitter account. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor regularly uses social networks to communicate directly with the fandom. In particular, he was active on Twitter when James Gun was briefly removed from the Guardians franchise for the study. Now, once again, it will inspire a great reaction from fans, while those who watch the movie wonder what he is doing in Warner Bros.

Dave Bautista topped DCEU’s Bain list:-

As DC Extended Universe recently found its progress, there is a renewed focus on Gotham City and its inhabitants. The Joker, Birds of Pre and The Suicide Squad will feature Batman thieves. And fans have theorized about who can play the role of each iconic villain. Dave Bautista topped DCEU’s Bain list and even reacted to the fan campaign saying: “I accept.

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