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Disney+’s WandaVision Might Be Setting Up Scarlett Witch As The New MCU Supervillian

Since the past few days, rumors have been arising that one of Marvel’s new television ventures Wanda Vision is set to go back in time. An image that showed the first look of the characters that are released by Disney plus confirms every talk that is going around.

A new look in a black and white picture is unveiled by Kevin Forge!

Photos which are black and white show Paul Bettany who enacts the role Vision and Elizabeth Olsen who performs the character of Wanda Maximoff also known as Scarlett Witch in the 50s era. The couple is sitting on a sofa and smiling together and they look nothing like characters we have seen in the movies and we know and love.

Kevin Feige, who is Marvel’s boss, removed the curtain from this retro image during CCXP 2019 in the country Brazil. Fans have reacted to these pictures from all over the world. They are expecting that Phase 4 is going to be weird and of course there are a lot of Oh My Gods!

Fans are putting forth new theories to explain such sudden time change!

The movie Avengers: Infinity War had such a climactic ending that leads to Vision being killed by Thanos. This scene happened when he was trying to protect the Mind Stone. This creates confusion in the minds of people as to how he is living a suburban life with Wanda.

Many fan theories have been put forward after they got to see these images. One such theory says that Wanda is a lady who has powers of hypnosis and telekinesis has made up this faux reality in which she and Vision have created a life together. This theory sounds very realistic but surely is tragic.

Wanda Maximoff is going to do new wonders in the upcoming movie!

According to what CinemaBlend says, Kevin Feige has also revealed that Wanda Vision is going to see the titular character use the name “Scarlett Witch” for the first time. She is also going to explore what that means for her.

Here is a link to the new look shared.

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