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Eminem And Nick Canon Feud? Here’s The Complete Inside Story

December 9, which was a Monday morning, Nick dropped off a track produced by Hitmaka that features Suge Knight and battle rappers Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips and Prince Eazy. It was along with an artwork that read Eminem- you are cordially invited by the Black Squad. After this scenario, Nick and his crew called Eminem out and challenged him to appear on Nick’s show which is called Wild’N Out. The track is opened up by Suge with a call from behind the bars.

A respond to Eminem’s recent jab with a full diss track was given by Nick Cannon!

Suge said that everyone knows that he does not do any talking but Nick is family. He ended his call by saying Eminem is a bitch. Family of Eminem is brought on Nick’s verse into the fold!

Nick in his rap says that call Kim and somebody gets Hailey plus the other kid Eminem is raising who is not even his own child. Nick continues to do the rap that says they are going back to back until Em responds to the family.

Eminem went on full at Nick in rap which is called Lord Above!

As it was previously reported that Eminem on his feature on Fat Joe’s new album titled as Family Ties, came directly at Nick. There was this one track labeled as Lord Above which is produced by Dre and also features Mary J. Blige, Eminem’s former relationship with Nick’s previous wife Mariah Carey was brought up and he continued to diss Nick in the process.

The world got Nick’s first reaction on his morning show on Los Angeles radio station power 106. He challenged Eminem to make an appearance on Wild’N Out and called him an old man.

Eminem is dissed at in the new song by Nick Cannon titled “The Invitation”!

Here is the track on which Nick dissed Eminem, “The Invitation”.

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