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Most Wanted Criminal Underground Since 2 Years Found All Mummified Inside His Own Flat

The 59-year-old man was not identified but macabre pictures of the blackened remains were released by authorities.

He can be seen lying in a dirty apartment with one arm propped eerily in the air.

The man was discovered there by gas engineers who went to inspect after the tenant failed to pay his bill in Kazan, central Russia.

Due utility bills had reached £2,900, according to reports.

The resident’s estranged child authorized the officials to enter the flat and they discovered the gruesome mummy inside.

But two years before he was put on the country’s federal wanted list.

He was due to go on hearing in October 2017 but failed to turn up, reports stated.

It is not known what charges he faced.

Experts are now trying to establish the cause of death.

In June the mummified body of a Brit ex-pat was discovered in his home in Italy.

Retired journalist Kenneth Jobson, 72, was found by stunned cops and fire crews after they broke into his apartment in Città di Castello north of Rome.

Concerned pals had talked to the British embassy after losing to reach him by telephone.

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