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Walmart Issues Apology Over Christmas Sweater Depicting Santa High On Narcotics

One of the sweaters displayed a wide-eyed Santa Claus sitting in the foreground of a table with three rows of substance and the words printed “let it snow.

The detailed product summary on Walmart website stated:

We all understand how snow serves. It’s white, gritty and the best snow arrives direct from South America. That’s bad knowledge for jolly old St. Nick, who exists far beyond in the North Pole.

“That’s why Santa certainly likes to savor the time when he prepares his hands on some quality, category A, Colombian snow. He racks it in excellent lines on his counter and then takes a great whiff to breathe the high-quality fragrance of the snow.

“It’s precisely what he requires to get motivated for Christmas Eve. This Men’s Let It Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater takes that moment when Santa is definitely ready to experience that sweet, shipped snow.

Another unseemly sweater sketch featured an upside-down snowman with its carrot nostrils and jingle bells indicative of genitals, while different one showed a pantsless Santa barbecuing his “chestnuts” in front of a fireplace.

Another sweater, called the “Santa Probe Ugly Christmas Sweater,” explicated Mr. Claus lying prone with his pants partially down and an alien preparation to place an examination in his rectum.

A fourth sweater conferred a “naughty” Santa with his pants underneath once again, this time, with Mrs. Claus following him snapping a whip.

Walmart posted an explanation for the items they posted for sale stating, “These sweaters, traded by a third-party retailer on Walmart.ca, do not reproduce Walmart’s values and have no spot on our website.”

We have eliminated these stocks from our marketplace. We regret for any unintended resentment this may have produced.”

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