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A Teacher Is Supposedly Caught by CCTV Footage Physically Abusing Two Fifteen-Year-Old Boys, In Condo Pool

A 27-year-old teacher’s aide handles criminal charges in Florida, where the police officials allege she had physical intimacy with two teenage boys and was captured on CCTV video doing so.

Sources confirm Kirstie None Rosa was caught December 6 on three counts of indecent and lascivious assault physical activity with a fifteen-year-old, a second-degree crime.

Rosa, who resides in Naples, is also charged with giving nicotine products and narcotics to the minor asserted victims.

As per the online records, Rosa supposedly had numerous intimate encounters with one of the testified victims. It is vague if the boy was one of her class students.

Inspectors allege the physical intimacy occurred once at the boy’s residence, and twice at her condo.

Investigators obtained security footage they affirm shows Rosa in the condo complex’s swimming pool, having affinity with two 15-year-old boys.

Police declare the swimming pool meeting occurred after Rosa led the students to a party, where they were provided with alcohol and narcotics.

Rosa dismissed the accusations, stating police she did not go into the pool or hang out with the kids. She advised investigators she abandoned the party when the two students presented up.

Rosa was discharged from confinement last week, but could not be contacted for remark.

Sources indicate Rosa was dismissed from her job at the Phoenix Academy in Naples on Monday, December 9.

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