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After Pre-Wedding Shoot Went Viral, A Gay Couple Tell They Desired To Prove It Was Normal

A couple, all set to get married, take time off their wedding shopping and preparing for a photoshoot. But then the pictures go viral along with the message it conveys. But then Nived Antony Chullickal and Abdul Rehim are not just other couples.

The advice the men from Kerala desired to send across was clear, same-gender weddings are like any other wedding and are absolutely ‘normal’.

“We didn’t require it to go viral at all. It was not planned to get publicity but to broadcast the message to people in my community that this is feasible, this is normal,” tells Nived, a 27-year-old Client Coordinator at Teleradiology Solutions in Bengaluru.

The pair, who is looking forward to an English wedding in Bengaluru, told the date and location haven’t been decided yet. However, they simply require the ceremony before the New Year, getting into the new decade on an exceptional note.

Their romantic photoshoot, caught in 2 parts, one at their house with their pet dogs and guinea pigs and the other out in a natural setting is giving couple goals to numerous online. Their love caught in the candid frames has also been coming in for a lot of recognition.

Explaining how frightening the feeling of coming out of the closet is, the man from Kochi required to encourage all from the LGBTQ community that there is ever light at the end of the tunnel.

“I know how frightening it can be. Coming out is not simple. Openly revealing your love is unhappily still not easy in our country and it might come to trouble you for some time. But once that light reflects on you it just gets better,” he told.

“I just wish our photoshoot makes others understand it’s better to just do it and not wait or miss out on anything in love because it’s pretty.”

5 years into the relationship, the 2 knew they required to be together and have a family. In 2018, when the Supreme Court partially revoked Article 377, they knew it was time to take the next step. When his 32-year-old partner, who serves in the UAE, popped the question, it all aligned perfectly.

Although the couple states they haven’t got any hate online and has no place for negativity in their life, their families are not on board. “Our wedding will be a normal one, except that our parents and family will not be part of it. They are not allowing and want no part of it, however, they are peaceful and not the threatening kind,” he told.

Although their original families are not allowing, Nived has been backed by his trans-mom and trans-sister for many years now and both are an essential part of their wedding.

When they do exchange vows later this month, they will be Kerala’s 2nd openly married gay couple.

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