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Couple Murders Sleeping Children, Jumps To Death From 8th Floor Flat

An Indirapuram couple allegedly killed their two kids early Tuesday morning before they jumped to death from the eighth floor of their building.

Another woman, whose identity is yet to be confirmed, also reportedly jumped with the couple from the building in an apartment complex in Indirapuram of Ghaziabad. She was rushed to a hospital, but her condition is stated to be severe.

As per initial reports, the woman was linked to the man as his ‘second wife’. His family, however, disputed the claim and said the woman worked for the couple.

Police have said the husband-wife duo murdered their daughter and son in sleep before they jumped off the building in Indirapuram. Earlier, it was reported that the couple had two daughters.

While the investigation is still on, police say the couple allegedly committed suicide and murdered their children due to a financial crisis.

After an investigation, it has been discovered that the two women were the wives of the deceased man. When flat got opened, their two kids were found dead. A suicide note was also found in their flat. The possible reason behind the suicide is a financial crisis.

According to locals, the family had recently moved into the society here.

Security guards said they heard a loud noise at 5 am and when they rushed to the spot, they saw bodies on the ground following which they informed the police.

A suicide note scribbled on one of the walls in the children’s room was also found.

Later, in a shocking discovery, a number of handwritten notes were found which pointed towards the family’s spiritual/mystical aims. Coincidentally, the notes displayed a correspondence to the way the hands, mouths of the family members were tied.

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