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Twist In The Tale! Death Of 8-Year-Old Girl Happened As Her 16-Year-Old Sister Was driving When The Car Slammed Into A Ditch

The car involved in a horror crash that killed an eight-year-old girl was driven by her learner driver’s teenage sister.

Madelyn Rose Chapman-Graham was killed on November 12 while she was on back seat in a Hyundai station wagon when it crashed in Targinnie.

Madelyn’s 16-year-old sister, who was on her learner’s license, was driving at the time of the fatal incident.

Emergency workers tried to revive Madelyn at the scene before she was transported to Gladstone Hospital and proclaimed dead.

Senior Constable Kara Skene told that driver inexperience and road conditions may have played a part in the incident, but an investigation was ongoing.

‘The driver was a juvenile, we’re leaning towards driver inexperience but we are also investigating the road environment,’ she said.

Inspector Luke Peachy told that the accident was tragic.

In this instance, it appears to be a complete accident and a very tragic accident at that.

Two teenage girls and a woman in her 40s, believed to be Madelyn’s sisters and mother, were in the car at the time and were also rushed to hospital.

Madelyn was laid to rest by family and loved ones on November 29 at the Port Curtis Lawn Cemetery.

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