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Johnny Galecki Drafting Plans To Develop A ‘Vacation’ Spin-Off, Here’s Every Detail Of It

Johnny Galecki will develop the Holiday-derived television show ‘The Griswolds’ for HBO Max!!!

Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki is developing a new show in the Warner Bros. franchise of “Vacation” is creating a television series that is based on the family of Griswolds in Max ha been. On the other side “The Griswolds,” for which Galecki currently serves as executive producer and he will explore the Griswolds family daily life in today’s suburbs. The half-hour comedy currently has a script development agreement. For more information swipe up here.

Raising $ 104 million worldwide:

The project is produced by Galecki Alcade Bava Productions in collaboration with Warner Bros. TV, where Alkaid is Bawa’s first glimpse. Holly Brown of Alcide Bava is an executive producer. Tim Hobart (“Scrubs”, “Spin City”, “Community”, “Middle”) will write the series. Cory Wood is also a producer.
The project will star Clarke and Ellen Griswold, a duo played by Chewie Chase and Beverly DeAngelo in the original film franchise between the ages of 30 and 60. I was in the most recent movie, “Vacation” of 2015, starred Ed Hales as Rusty Griswold, raising $ 104 million worldwide.

HBO Max ready to launch the movie!!!

HBO Max will launch in May and will cost $ 14.99 per month, the same price as an HBO subscription on HBO Now or through a paid TV provider. Galecki starred comedy in the Warner Bros. ‘The Theory of Big Bang’…….for the 12th seasons on CBS, respectively. HBO Max owns the broadcast rights of the series.
HBO is ready to launch Max in 2020. The streaming service is also developing a series of Game of Thrones prequels titled House of the Dragon and a DC-based Green Lantern series.
Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo starred in Clarke and Ellen Griswold in a National Lampoon franchise, a series of holiday movies. The films followed Griswolds’ comic incidents during the holidays, respectively.

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