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Serious Similarities Between Captain America And Red Guardian, See Here

This is how the Red Guardian character compares to Captain America!!!!

MCU fans around the world recently showed their first look at the 2020 Black Widow Solo movie, giving viewers what to expect from the movie. The trailer revealed a lot of new characters and locations and has vaguely caused the plot’s trajectory. One of the new outstanding additions to the star cast is Alexei Shostakov of David Harbor, also known as Red Guardian. Naturally, with the introduction of a new character in this universe, the question must be asked: How does  Red Guardian compare to Captain America?

Shostakov becomes Captain America!!!!

In the comics, Alexei Shostakov is the second person to wear a red suit. Natasha Romanoff’s husband, Shostakov, was a fighter pilot during World War II and the Korean War for the Soviet Union. His decorated war situation gave him a unique opportunity to become Russian Captain America. And there are many similarities he has like Captain America.

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Although we know very little about the character’s on-screen presentation, it seems that the Red Guardian version of the Black Widow movie will take fairly loose inspiration from the source material. He seems more cheerful and loose than his comic character like Captain America. This is one of the similarities between the Red Guardian and Captain America.

Red Guardian and Captain America!!!!

In the absence of a better vocabulary, the version of Harbor’s character seems to be more patriarchal than the Russian super-soldier of the comic. With the foreman ready to play that role, it seems that Shostakov will go directly to prison in the role of the protagonist. Red Guardian lives his character the same as Captain America.

We have seen very little of the character in the trailer, and he was not necessarily a top-notch character in the world of comics. However, at the end of the day, the Red Guardian has an interesting enough story that can fit into the Black Widow’s narrative, and David Harbor has a clear understanding of where he wants to take it. And there are many similarities between the two characters of MCU.

There are already some obvious differences in the characterization between the two, but the depth that will run is still a point to consider. However, it is clear that there is a conscious effort to make the character somewhat faithful to the source material, and this will probably become more evident as he is expelled at the film’s release to perform.

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