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Superman And Wonder Woman Have Held Mjolnir! Marvel Reveals Exclusive Crossover Details

Marvel reveals Held Majolnir near Superman and Wonder Woman!!!!

A new Thor comic seems to have made an interesting comeback from the DC Superman and Wonder Woman characters. And, as true as it is, it seems that the two characters are indeed considered among a group of others, for all who can hold Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir.                                                                                                                             The story involves two trolls trying to look at another world from the Mirror of Finvarra. It seems that the mirror has the ability to show true reflections and faces from different worlds.

What happened when Thor discovered the Mirror!!!!

When Thor finds the mirror, he destroys it with Mjolnir. As the shark is launched into the air, seven reflexes are shown, each representing a second Thor capable of capturing Mjolnir. And of the seven characters shown? Superman and Wonder Woman, a shocking addition to a group of Marvel characters.
Although it makes some sense. In the previous stories, two characters had previously appeared and were holding Mjolnir. For example, Wonder Woman poses a crossover problem from 1990 DC vs. Marvel. Meanwhile, Superman has the opportunity to make fun of Munjonir in JLA / Avengers.

The previous crossover between DC and Marvel!!!!

Obviously, it can’t be considered more fun than Thor’s past, but given the fact that it’s included, it’s good to see it. It also suggests more or less than the previous crossover between DC and Marvel was at some point, so it is a bit sad to consider. And it’s good that they were able to win a place in that classic event, even though another crossover would probably be out of the game.
It’s a surprise to see Superman and Wonder Woman in the characters, who have molded the heroines that hold the Mjolnir in different realities. While it is incredibly unlikely that Marvel and DC will ever do another cross event, Tease in Thor: Worth was a good time to reflect on Hammer’s past, respectively.

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