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Kristen Stewart Spills Beans On Charlie’s Angels Downfall

Kristen Stewart didn’t mention anything about ted Charlie’s Angel’s box office failure: “Man, we just want to have a good time!!!!

Director Elizabeth Banks restarts “Charlize Angels”, despite the aces killed under the leadership of Kristen Stewart, who left theaters last November and left, the lowest In the office box earning $ 1 million dollars sun. However, Stewart, for example, is not “perverted” in the film’s box office performance, as he explained in a recent interview in The Playlist.

Stewart said he thinks himself would be devastated!!!

Stewart said: “Well, to be honest with you, I think if I had made a film that was not good and that I was not proud of and that many people saw it, I would be devastated.” “Fortunately I don’t feel proud of myself because I am really proud of the movie.” And I think the kind of weather we live in at the moment is polarizing and it’s strange and it’s hard to promote that kind of movie. And I think a five-minute television interview about ‘Charlie’s Angels’ really tries to have a politically complex and highly feminist conversation …’ I like it, ‘Man, we’re just having a good time. I wanted to.’

Failure costs $ 50 million!!!

Stewart, however, admits that the failure of the “Charlies Angels,” which cost at least $ 50 million to launch Sony Pictures, is a sequel or continuation of everything. He is expected to kill the beloved franchise in some way. At least for this time. “I think we probably don’t have to do another one, but at the same time I am very proud of the film and I am very happy that it exists and can live in the world. Because I believe that it is still important in a very little serious way for many people,” said Stewart.

From the beginning, the movie was doing more at the box office than delivering a positive message to the audience.

It’s nothing for the “Charlie’s Angels” box office, as Elizabeth Banks restored her career as a director and changed the classic monster story in her head to “The Invisible Woman” for Universal. She will give her the next helm. Meanwhile, Stewart can now be seen as the tragic actress and activist Jean Seberg in “Seberg” of Amazon Studios.

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