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Different Ways To Plan Christmas For Your Small Business

 The festive season is here; there is no better time to go fishing than this. Your business has managed to gather good tidings throughout the year through the keyword.com, if you plan well during Christmas you could get more. According to statistics by BigCommerce and Live Chat Inc, websites receive more visits by 63%. What this tells you is that the holidays are an opportunity for you to grow your business and hit sales targets.

Do not be caught off-guard; the article will give you a step by step guide that will show you what you need to do to plan for Christmas for your budding business                                     

  1.   Start by writing a Christmas newsletter

 Design a newsletter that is appealing to your customers. Sufficiently communicate with your customers regarding all the campaigns you will be carrying out during this season. Be careful not to include things that may as well as sabotage your plans for the business at Christmas.

  1.   Create a Christmas Promotional Calendar

Create a promotional calendar that will show clients or visitors online that you have something new to offer every day. If you have a store, you can put it up at the entrance or the cashiers. If you have online precise, it should be even easier for you. Communicate with your clients on the front page of your site or through email. Provided you are well organized, you should be having people visiting every other day to see what you have in offer.

  1.   Give discounts on deliveries

      Offer discounts on deliveries. For clients with proximity to your business could be given this for free. However, be careful not to put too much strain on your business through this. To drive up your sales, put discounts like free deliveries for the first ten shoppers and so on. 

  1.   Design a Christmas-themed post

Be excellent with your presentation as you prepare your business for Christmas. Design a blog or website post that is Christmas themed. Start by writing content that is relevant to your business that is also interlinked with Christmas. Take advantage of the things that you know about your customers and include them.

  1.   Pick a place to advertise

Choose where you want to promote your business. Different sports like Google and Facebook will have different costs during this time. Pick a place that fits in your advertising budget. In your advertisements include calls to action to drive more sales. Also, reach out to clients that you have interacted with and give them offers depending on their visiting trends, remarketing ads would come in handy at this point.

  1.   Be on social media

Take advantage of social media during this season. Use the platforms to reach your customers. Let them know about the promotional campaigns you are running and offers that you have in place. Twitter and Facebook would be the best platform to use at this point. Instagram could be a good option too if your post if you have pictures. If you don’t have a presence on social media, it is advisable that you hurry and sign up as soon as possible.

  1.   Gift wrapping

People will be coming to your store frequently to buy gifts. Offering gift-wrapping services will go an extra mile and get more people flowing to your store. You could capitalize this and do it an additional fee. So many people will be willing to dish out money for that as most are not good with wrapping gifts or are too busy and can merely find time for that.                                  

  1.   Christmas discounts

       You need to give Christmas discounts. Everyone will be doing it, and you cannot afford not to. Give 10% discounts on items that are not moving. You could even give 50% as clearance sales on things that you do not plan to get into a new year. Remember that most clients have been looking forward to Christmas discounts since the year started. It is an opportunity for you to make your business shine                               

  1.   Redesign

You should redesign your store or even website for Christmas; it will go a long way in setting the Christmas mood for your customers. It does not have to be permanent. Even if it is for a short while, you can do something to spice it up. It does not have to cost you a fortune. The returns you will get from the redesign will be worth your efforts. 

  1.   Create kids friendly events

If it is possible, create events that will draw kids. Parents will be spending most of their time this season with their kids. Kids are influential when it comes to shopping. Their parents will tend to go and shop somewhere they can find entertainment for their kids. Take advantage of that. If you have ample space, you can hire a clown to entertain them, a bouncing castle or even have them face- painted when they shop with you. 

  1.   Gift your customers

On top of the discounts and offers, have rewards in place for your most loyal customers or customers who get to hit a particular target for sales. Things as simple as working past regular hours would reward your customers by allowing them to access services at their convenience. Include this in your plan. 

Christmas is a peak selling season globally. As a small business owner, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to take your business to the next level. According to consumer insights, 34% more searches for shopping are witnessed during Christmas time. It tells you that Christmas time is the time to strike gold. Follow the guide, and you will usher in a new year with a more significant market share.

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