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The Batman Co-Writer Just Teased A New DC Movie! But Is This ‘Constantine’

A New DC Movie Coming

The co-writer behind the Matt Reeves The Batman film apparently prods another DC motion picture on Twitter, as Mattson Tomlin posted a fairly mysterious tweet. “I have to get some comic books,” Tomlin tweeted. The tweet has prompted the theory that Mattson Tomlin needs to purchase comic books to look into another DC motion picture.

Strangely enough, Tomlin is by all accounts a devotee of Constantine, as his Twitter portrayal once expressed: “…they ask me my name, I state ‘Constantine.'”


There are gossipy tidbits that Warner Bros. needs Keanu Reeves to return as John Constantine from the 2005 film, with extra bits of gossip offering that an explanation WB greenlit The Matrix 4 is to keep Keanu Reeves from Marvel, as Reeves has said he needs to play Wolverine, with bits of gossip likewise offering Silver Surfer, Adam Warlock, Reed Richards, or Moon Knight for the new Disney Plus arrangement.

Mattson Tomlin is essentially new to the composing scene as he is known for a lot of shorts, has an untitled Henry and Rel science fiction venture turning out featuring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and he composed Little Fish. With respect to Batman, Tomlin as of late prodded a criminologist story.

“Co-composing The Batman with Matt Reeves has been a life-changing encounter and an exacting blessing from heaven,” Tomlin tweeted back in October. “I can hardly wait for you to perceive what he has made arrangements for the World’s Greatest Detective!”

Constantine hasn’t been reported by Warner Bros., however, the character is likewise reputed to be a piece of a Justice League Dark flick, so maybe Tomlin could be composing Justice League Dark including Keanu Reeves back in the job? Matt Ryan likewise plays Constantine on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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