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Niagara Falls Man Who Chained And Physically Abused A Woman Inside His Basement Pleaded Guilty Of Physical Assault

A Niagara Falls resident who was brought into custody after a manhunt in June, presented guilty to predatory physical assault Friday.

As per the detectives, 25-year-old Michael Ciskiewic assaulted a woman and violently took her to his Niagara Falls residence where he abused her, secured her ankles with padlocks, tied her wrists, and trussed socks into her jaws.

After a manhunt, Ciskiewic was discovered by police screening in a huge industrial area near 24th and Allen and brought into administration.

We were capable to get a very bad person off the path and the victim is maintaining to be ok,” stated Kelly Rizzo the chief of detectives.

The woman was reported missing for a brief time until she was discovered in Ciskiewic’s cellar.

As family members and neighbors were watching for the woman and monitoring home security tape for clues, a neighbor stated Ciskiewic was outdoor mowing the lawn and down the path as if nothing had occurred even as his prey was bound in his cellar.

Ciskiewic’s defense lawyer, Dominic Saraceno, started a not-guilty plea and dismissed a felony trial in June.

Saraceno informed journalists in June that his client has a long story of mental health problems going back to when he was growing.

This is a wake-up call to our legislators that we can’t proceed to ignore the mental health trauma in our society,” declared Saraceno.

Ciskiewic is due back in court on February 21st for judgment.

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