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10 Writing Tips From Famous Authors

If you are eager to begin a writing career, you should read this article as it holds the best writing tips from famous authors.

If you know what it feels like to spend hours, days, or even months and years in front of the blank whiteness of the page, patiently waiting for the inspiration to come, you can definitely consider yourself to be a writer. Indeed, it does not matter whether you are able to come up with brilliant texts within a matter of hours, but it does matter how much endurance and patience you have to wait for the right words, sentences, and paragraphs to come. Nonetheless, you shall not be ashamed to ask for help when the writer’s block crashes upon you with the darkness of mind and lack of imagination. This article holds ten writing tips from the people who have spent years in the working hard mode waiting for their first loyal readers. Hence, if you want to become a great writer one day, this article is a must-read for you.

Share Your Experience

When it comes to pondering over what real literature its, at least fiction, there is not a single shade of doubt in the fact that this is a man’s experience, coupled with a pinch of imagination, that are put to paper. Ernest Hemingway used to claim that writing itself is not important, while it is all about the blood of your life that you are willing to share with the others. Hence, sit down at your laptop and write about what concerns you the most.

Do Not Put Yourself into Limits

There are not so many masters of short prose who could be considered greater than his majesty William Somerset Maugham. This English writer who is nowadays considered one of the best wordsmiths in history has once said that there are three rules of a thumb for writing a good novel and then went on to accomplish his statement: “Unfortunately, nobody knows what they are”. Hence, whenever you feel that your novel, essay, post, etc. has to conform to some rules or norms, make sure that you forget about it in a glimpse of an eye. For example, the professional writers from edusson reviews conform to the very same rule when it comes to writing custom essays or texts of any form and genre. So, may you think out of the box when you start writing?

Keep Your Pace Scheduled

Of course, it is a writer’s bliss when the ideas are aplenty. Nonetheless, whenever you have a splendid idea pop up in your head while you are working on something else, write that idea down but do not stop working on the thing that you are writing at the moment, as Henry Miller’s commandment to the writing newbies goes. By the way, if you feel like multitasking is your cup of tea, and you are ready to read some more articles, you can find some more splendid ideas on how to write a proper text here.

Kill Them All

Unfortunately, a great novel is simply impossible without somebody being hurt in it. When the readers are seeking for some darkness and obliterate feelings, they surely know who is the one they shall turn to. The father of horror, Stephen King, says that if the writers want the readers to remain thrilled throughout the novel, they have to be ready to sacrifice the leading characters when the readers expect it the least.

Work Your Language Out

Nobody fancy reading novels that instead of marvelous, splendid, paramount, supreme, incredible, etc. use very good. Your adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns, have to work. They have to impress the reader because people prefer reading to things they are not able to write themselves. As Mark Twain has once said: “Every time you feel like using “very” in your text, substitute it with some curse word; then, your editor will delete and you will receive a splendid text”. Listen to Mr. Twain as he surely knows what he says. Also, you can check out this website for getting even more outstanding tips on how to write decently.

Do Not Stop

As a matter of fact, you don’t have to wait for the aforementioned muse to come. Gertrude Stein supposes that real and, what is more, successful writers, write on a daily basis. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and put some ink on paper.

There is no Perfect Time

Sometimes, people who want to become great writers are finding the lame excuses for themselves in statements like: “The time has not come yet”, “The time is not right”, etc. Unfortunately, Elwyn Brooks White was right to state that there is no perfect time, and if you are going to spend your life waiting for the right time to come, you will die having written nothing. However, it is always the perfect time to read some more tips on how you can improve your writing.

Let It Go

There are, probably, thousands of splendid novels that have never been published because their writers have thought that they were not ideal. One more revelation that all the beginners have to come to, as Tina Fey says, is that they have to work hard and polish every line, but there will never be a perfect novel for literature is not mathematics. There are no established theorems and rules – you are the one to create them.

Waiting Is Wrong

As it has been already mentioned, you don’t have to wait for the right time or the muse to come. You have to go and get it. It is up to you whether to listen to this tip or no, but here is a fun fact for you to know. It is not mine; it was Jack London who invented it.

There Are no Easy Ways

Whenever you feel that writing comes hard to you, that you regurgitate each and every word, may you not worry. Writing is hard, there is no other way. William Zinsser states that if your writing process if easy, then it is with the utmost probability that your final product will be mediocre. 

Concluding Thoughts

It can be clearly seen that writing is something that does not come easy. It requires persistence and hard work. Furthermore, it requires patience and courage not to give after the first failures. Oh, failures are there waiting for you, you can be sure of that. Nonetheless, the aforementioned tips shall definitely help you become a better writer and, who knows, maybe one day, students will read your tips to the newbies of the writing trade

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