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Here’s The Actual Reason Behind Keanu Reeves And Sandra Bullock Never Dated, Details Inside

Keanu Reeves is everyone’s favorite actor but e is sort of a quiet force in the world of Hollywood for more than thirty years. The movie Speed that released in the year 1994 had Keanu Reeves in it along with Sandra Bullock. Speed was the first movie in which Keanu enacted.

Recently, Keanu and Sandra revealed that they had a crush on each other when they were shooting Speed!

No one can deny the fact that Keanu and Sandra had chemistry on the screen. But the question about which all the fans wonder about is, why Keanu did not go for an offscreen romance with Sandra. The Digital Wise is here to tell you the basic reason why the two stars never dated each other.

When Ellen DeGeneres took separate interviews with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, both the actors revealed that they have crushes on each other while they were filming the movie Speed in the year 1994. The only trouble here was, that neither of them knew the other had a crush. Sandra pulled off the curtain from her emotions and said that she definitely had a crush on Keanu but did not say anything because she did not think he felt the same way.

Sandra said she thought Keanu didn’t like her and Keanu said that he definitely had a crush on Sandra!

Sandra said that she thinks how sweet Keanu was and how handsome he was but it was hard for her. It was really hard for her to be serious. She says that when Keanu looked at her, she would start giggling but she never dated him. She feels as if there is something about her that he did not like and she thinks that they were friends for that long because they did not have a sexual relationship.

Keanu said that he had no idea about Bullock’s feelings that were oriented towards him and said that she obviously did not know that he too had a crush on her. The talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres was so surprised to know that the actors never revealed their feelings to each other.

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