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Daniel Craig Reveals There’s One Line Of James Bond Dialogue That Made Him To Play 007

Actor Daniel Craig was far away from a household name at the time he was announced officially as the new James Bond. This happened way back in the year 2005. All the fans of James Bond knew that he was a completely opposite choice for the iconic role.

Daniel Craig was selected to play the role of James Bond in 2005 while he looked the exact opposite of what James Bond was described as in the books!

Daniel Craig had a very different look that we portrayed James Bond in our heads previously. James was tall and dark and held a refined look while Craig was still able to pull off a tux but he sure looked like something of a rougher customer. But at that time in the past, this was the idea.

It was a part of the plan that was made for the new James Bond. It employed a soft reboot to the character in order to take him back to the beginning. The original novel of James Bond was written by Ian Fleming and according to it, Casino Royale was to be adapted. But if we pass our sights to tye outsets of the movie, it was clear that this would be a very different James Bond. It was revealed by Daniel Craig to the Empire that there was this one line in the original that convinced him enough to take this part up because that line showed Daniel that he could take the character to a different place.

It is now revealed by Daniel Craig what tempted him the most in the script was ‘shaken or stirred’ line!

Daniel Craig said that one of the biggest reasons he did Casino Royale was the line ‘A vodka martini, please’ and then the question asked to his character by the bartender was whether he would like it shaken it stirred.

Daniel continued to unveil saying that his reply was written in the scrip as ‘Do I look like I give a f**k?’ And that was it. He adds that this scene is the reason he did it because what he could not do and he refused to do was repeat what had gone before. Craig said that what was its f**king point? So he would rather have just one and go.

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