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An 84-year-old Man Molested A Woman And Offered Her Husband $10 To Let Him Go

An 84-year-old man molested a woman in front of her husband while walking at a mall in Chinatown.

While the woman’s husband arrested poh Seng Khian, he offered the spouse $10 to be let off the hook.

The 84-year-old man named Singaporean was granted 18 weeks’ prison on Tuesday following he pleaded criminal to one count of teasing the 47-year-old woman along the second floor of the People’s Park Centre. The spouse cannot be named to save her status.

The woman and her 48-year-old husband were strolling in the mall in the direction of the hanging link bridge that joins to Upper Cross Street on 12 May of the previous year.

The man stepped onward of his wife and after turned around to wait for her to catch up.

Poh, who was in the same marketplace to have some food and to do some shopping, oppositely reached the woman. As he led past the woman, he increased his right arm to molested her intentionally.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Melina Chew revealed that the place was not crowded at the moment, and Poh was able to pass the woman without making any touch. The woman was shocked by the scene.

Her husband quickly halted Poh, and the cop was warned. While awaiting the coming of the police, Poh regretted the molesting the woman and offered $10 to set the matter to hold. The husband denied the money.

After that, Poh was captured by the offical.

Poh could have been prisoned to two years for molesting, and penalized. He cannot be repaired as he is above 50 years old.

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