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Here’s How Beyoncé Maintain Her Schedule As A Hands-On Mom, Details Inside

We all the fact that each person on this Earth gets 24 hours in a day which is the same time as Beyoncé gets, yet, we still can not have it figured out about how she manages everything out. Her career, which is quite explosive, has placed her in a realm of her own.

Beyoncé says that with her so busy career, it is quite difficult to manage her personal life!

By providing her fans with a ton of hit songs and absolutely stellar performances, we almost forgot that Beyoncé is a businesswoman and at the same time she is an artist but most importantly, the Lemonade singer is also juggling the duties of being a wife and a mom too.

Even though with so many things pulling her attention in various directions, Beyoncé, who found the Ivy Park, has been determined to find balance in her life without even sacrificing greatness in a single area. In fact, according to her, the role which she takes the most pride in is being a hands-on mother to three children of her own. Her kids are Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi.

The iconic singer reveals that she finds it a bit difficult to manage all the chores while being a mother!

Even this iconic singer is aware of the fact that 24 hours a day is always not enough time in order to get everything sorted out. This Homecoming legend got to fans knowledge that finding balance is a stressful endeavor. Beyoncé revealed to Elle Magazine that she thinks the most stressful thing for her is balancing work and life.

Beyoncé added that she makes sure that she is present for her kids dropping Blue off at school, taking her daughter Rumi and Sir t their activities, making time for date nights with her husband and being home in time to have dinner with her family and all this while she got to run a company.

Even though she has a lot of work to do, Beyoncé always finds time to fulfill the needs of her children in the first instance!

She says that juggling all of those roles can be stressful but she thinks this is ordinary life for any working mother. Despite all her feelings of being stretched too thin, Beyoncé always prioritizes her children and their needs.

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