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The Most Haunted House Finally Sold After 12 Years Where Pregnant Owner Was ‘Attacked By Ghosts’

Vanessa Mitchell has owned a two-bedroom house ‘The Cage’ since 2004 and often reported seeing ghosts and other spirits. The ghost and spirits would regularly disturb and scared the woman.

The owner insisted she had to leave the house after the horrific incident happened when the ghosts physically attacked her at home. Years Later, it was revealed that the house was used to hold prisoners accused of Blackmagic and witchcraft in the 16th century.

She states she was walking over the stairs and suddenly got pushed over while pregnant and saw mysterious blood spatterings appear.’

Electric gadgets have also turned themselves on, and doors started slamming while walls inexplicably were covered in blood.

After this horrific incident, she decided to move out in 2008 – just four years after purchasing it – buyers were wary and doubtful of taking the house.

Now the haunted house The Cage, in St Osyth, Essex, has finally sold, subject to deal, after nearly a dozen years on the market.

Guests often reported hearing women’s voices and cries from the storeroom even though no one was there when they checked for it.

The claims led to paranormal detectives who regularly came to the haunted house, and it was also a matter of many documentaries.

A plaque on the rear of the house depicts the plight of Ursula Kemp, who was jailed in The Cage on doubt of witchcraft before being hanged in Chelmsford in 1582.

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