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Man Who Murdered Police Officer’s Son Faces Retrial

Fernando Carrero Jr. might face a retrial on murder charges following this month, more than ten years after the then-17-year-old from Newark shot a police officer in Lyndhurst during a fight over his lover.

The new hearing is the outcome of a growing appeal that upturned a 2013 murder punishment and life sentence against Carrero, now 29, who has been held since his 2007 capture.

Because a state appeals court determined there was a procedural flaw in the first trial, a second jury will consider charges of murder and weapons hold against Carrero.

Baby Faced Killer

Carrero gained fame as the “baby-faced killer” when he was indicted as an adult in the deadly shooting of 21-year-old Jose Hall, the son of a police officer, who was discovered dead on the bedroom floor of Carrero’s girlfriend’s home.

The future trial in Bergen County will likely highlight a similar slate of witnesses, including Carrero’s girlfriend, Keri Lynn Lowenstein, who observed the attack and witnessed against him.

Selection Of Jury

Landry Belizaire, Carrero’s current lawyer, said his client’s resolve has continued steadily as the case begins jury selection, which is assumed to last until mid- to late January.

“He’s considered innocent,” Belizaire said. “The trial will proceed with a jury who I’m assuming will be fair.”

Lawyers a decade ago outlined Carrero as the cruel and jealous boyfriend of Lowenstein, whose previous girlfriend, Corey Hicks, was residing at her parents’ home in Lyndhurst.

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