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Tragic!!! Baby Dies Dues To Mother’s Negligence After She Allegedly Went Outside Leaving The Baby In Tub

A Tennessee mother of two kids is now facing charges after her 11-month-old boy died after being left in the bathtub after she supposedly moved away to have a smoke and listen to music on her phone, say, officials.

Lindsee Leonardo, 32, of Knoxville is indicted with intensified child abuse, negligence, and endangerment, court records said.

Now that her boy has died, she may face further charges, officials say.

On Wednesday at about 8 p.m., Leonardo rang 911 after she saw her 11-month-old son, Aiden Leonardo, floating in a bathtub, the officials said in an arrest warrant, as news media reported.

She told the officers she’d left the 11-month-old and her 23-month-old child in the bathtub alone while she walked outside “to smoke” according to the police reports.

When she came back, she saw the water in the tub filled to the top because the 23-month-old had turned the tap back on in the 10 minutes she was gone, according to the reports.

Leonardo took the inert baby out of the water and put him on her bed while she ranged 911, and dispatchers told her to do CPR until paramedics came quickly, the court reports said.

Emergency responders hurried the victim to Tennova Turkey Creek Medical Center, where he regained a heartbeat, the medical examiner stated.

He was later transferred to the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital and was recorded in severe condition as of Thursday night, according to the reports.

On Friday, administrators at the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital announced the baby dead, as by reports

Leonardo is currently being held in the Knox County Detention Facility in lieu of a $100,000 bond.

It is not clear whether she has hired an attorney who can speak on her behalf.

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