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Netflix Releases New ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 3’ Poster Confirming Worldwide Release Date

If your mental pot is heating up to get a glimpse of the newest season of “ Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, “you gotta be reading the article till the end to know the whereabouts of the unlimited thrill of Sabrina and friends. So hold your horses and let me take you to a ride as to what all are expected at this season.

Let’s recall what has happened till now

The last season ended with Dark Lord’s soul getting trapped inside Sabrina’s boyfriend Niks human prison. And Sabrina couldn’t bear the pain after seeing Nick in such a deplorable condition where he went to hell. And to make it even worse, Madam Satan has her eyes on him, which makes the hell even worse. But the only silver lining amid the crisis is that the throne is lying vacant with Dark Lord’s departure. The sense of insecurity is creeping deep inside the realm, which gives Sabrina a real opportunity to claim the throne and become Queen.

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Is there something genuinely incredible waiting for you at the other end?

The dates are up with the trailer, and it’s 24th Jan 2020 when you will get to see the show. Netflix did make us wait, but the promising trailer and stunning visuals make the wait worth. Sabrina’s attempt to get Nick out of hell and her furtherance towards the throne takes the excitement level even a notch higher.

A hell lot of action coupled with the music, going to make the chill move down your spines. And there isn’t an iota of doubt that the storyline is going to be amazing, as a lot of things are going to unfold this season. So get ready to ride the tide of uncertainties and an ocean of thrill.

Netflix has released a statement on the new season

If we go by the official announcement, there is a lot to expect. A massive struggle is bound to happen between Sabrina and her biggest competitor to the throne, Prince of Hell Caliban. The struggle will bring a newer dimension to the show and infuse a sense of insecurity in the realm. A mysterious carnival unfolds in Greendale, accentuating Sabrina’s quest for the throne.

A great line up of adventure is waiting for you, and there isn’t an excuse to deprive yourself of the thrill and action that has been lined up in the show. The icing on the cake for die-hard fans is that the crew will be starting the shoot for season4 too. So the thrill is there to stay and likely going to scale up.

The trailer has accentuated our emotions, and now is the time to wait till the 24th of Jan 2020 as the dates have been scheduled for release. So sit tight and see Sabrina taking control of the realm and save Nick. Sabrina and friends are going to make you jump off our sofa as they already did in the last two seasons.

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