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Study Reveals Young Children Are Forced To Do ‘Lewd Acts’ On Internet Just to Get Good Likes

In recent years, the numbers of physical abuse and assault have been getting more quickly, and it doesn’t appear to be lessened as per the latest research. It may seem terrible to mention, but the young children are themselves liable for raising the rate of child physical abuse.

Officials Report

The recent news and reports from The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) stated that every fourth image uploaded to the Internet are self-generated or clicked by the kids, especially girls, aged between 11 and 13.

This circumstance has appeared as a trend in which those kids in that age group often enjoy getting more likes by uploading embarrassing graphic content. The report declared that the numbers last year were increasing rapidly.

Also, children these days are too obsessed with getting more likes on their social media, and in the manner, they involve in these abuses intentionally or unknowingly. Kids, especially girls, while uploading, promises her viewers that she would do this and do that if she gets the number of likes aimed by her.

The Victims Are Not Aware Of The Bad Sides

Officials stated that another example is when the girls supposedly use a digital program to involve romantically with their lovers. While streaming their video online, these girls aren’t notified by her monstrous boyfriends that they are recording and finally sharing it with many wrong websites and groups.

The engagement of girls in the videos is around 80 percent, and officials removed around 132,000 web pages only last year.

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