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Woman Allegedly Killed Her Boyfriend After A Movie Date

A Springfield woman was convicted Friday to 30 years in jail after she was sentenced to killing a man shortly after they left a movie date.

Christina Duckett, 34, was sentenced to jail time at a trial in front of Judge Ron Carrier.

Following a hearing in November, Duckett was discovered guilty of second-degree murder and armed criminal action for the September 2018 slaying of 40-year-old Joshua Brooks.

During the hearing, this past fall, Greene County Lawyer revealed that they were incapable of telling a purpose for the killing of the man, but they said the proof led to Duckett as the shooter.

Duckett affirms her innocence, and her lawyer said Friday she intends to appeal the guilty verdict.

Springfield police and official say Duckett and Brooks went out to the movies on Sept. 8, 2018, and Brooks was discovered shot to death in his vehicle the next morning on the street.

Duckett reported police she went to the movie date with Brooks, but he was alive when he dropped her off after their movie date.

The primary evidence and proof presented by lawyer during last year’s trial included one of Duckett’s friends telling she admitted to him, the same bullets used in the killing being discovered at Duckett’s house, cellphone data putting Duckett in the location where Brooks was shot that night, and Duckett making some false statements and lying to deputies early in their inquiry.

Before handing down his judgment, Judge Carrier declared he had to sentence Duckett based on what was identified — which is that Duckett was convicted of murder by a jury of her peers.

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