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Aquaman 2 Might Be Unique And ‘Off The Hook,’ Says Jason Momoa In A Video.

With Aquaman receiving massive response from fans, the studios did not take much time to announce the second film as well. Jason Momoa who played the titular character has made major revelations regarding the sequel. Considering that the actor is known for his great sense of humor, the relations are a bit funny as well.

Jason Momoa Shared Some Fun Video Giving Us A Glimpse Of Aquaman 2.

Jason Momoa has been posting some fun videos. The actor posted some silly Instagram Stories with his whole Aquaman 2 team, giving us a glimpse of how “off the hook” the Aquaman sequel will be. He also took this opportunity to introduce his stunt team and trainer including Yoko Hamamura who is the owner of Point of Impact MMA. Other than that there were stuntmen Niko Nedyalkov, Kim Fardy, and Jeremy Marinas.

As per speculation goes the sequel of Aquaman isn’t scheduled for release until December 2022. However, it’s too early for filming but maybe not for training. As far as we know, the Aquaman sequel isn’t expected to start filming until early 2021, a year from now. The actor might be prepping hard for the film to look all ripped!

When Is The Film Going To Hit The Big Screen?

Jason Momoa’s character receives a somewhat mixed reaction among fans. Some were really interested while the other group was a bit skeptical about the casting. There was some controversy regarding Amber Heard’s role as well. Amidst all these speculations, Jason has assured his fans that this film is going to be way bigger than the first movie.

There was an ongoing campaign started by this group of fans who are against the fact of Heard getting cast in the sequel of the film. These fans showed animosity as Amber Heard’s name has come up as not the victim but the culprit in the Depp- Heard case.

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