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Seattle Man Killed Himself After Police Falsely Accused Him Of Brutally Injuring A Woman In Alleged Hit And Run

A Seattle man killed himself later a police officer falsely accused him of seriously injuring a lady in a hit-and-run crash, newly released records show.

According to the media reports, an internal cops investigation found that the officer’s lie “shocked the conscience” and played a part in the man’s death.

The story began in 2018

The story of the matter began in 2018 when the officer and his partner were driving to a home linked with a suspect who police believed was included in the hit and run.

“It’s a lie, but it’s fun,” the officer reportedly said the partner as they drove to the home.

The officers faced a woman at the home who said the man they were seeking was not there but that she would provide his receiver number. She said she had let him use the address so he could register his vehicle.

While no one was wounded in the crash, the officer, who has not been named publicly, reportedly told the lady that the other driver was in severe condition and “might not survive.”

Police body camera CCTV showed that the woman was “clearly emotionally affected” by this learning.

The woman next contacted the suspect, relaying what the officers told her and hinting that he get a lawyer.

At first, the man said he could not recollect being involved in a crash and did not seem to be particularly concerned.

But the man, a former narcotics addict who had previous legal problems, later grew anxious that might may have unknowingly struck a pedestrian.

He became despondent and, shortly after, killed himself.

According to the media report, the police department’s internal probe found that the officer’s lie was at least one motive why the man killed himself. The deception broke department policy and “shocked the conscience,” according to a newly released public report regarding the case.

The officer detained he did nothing wrong, but he was suspended without pay for six days.

A national advisory panel is now calling on the police department to issue more details about the matter, including additional information about the discipline meted out against the officer.

Seattle Community Police Commission’s statement

“Our thoughts are with the loved ones affected by this tragedy,” Emma Catalog and the Rev. Harriett Walden, who co-chairs the Seattle Community Police Commission. “This case clearly demonstrates the need for reform.”

Before the guy killed himself, he was crying and left various personal holds with a friend. The man’s roommate told analysts that he could not remember the hit and ran “freaking out” about it.

But after the man fell, friends began inquiring about the collision and saw that it was merely a minor accident in which no one had been wounded. The friends also learned that the officer knew what he said was a myth.

The officer’s partner thought there was no need to deceive the woman because she was cooperative, although the officer who lied stated the woman was “kind of impeding the investigation.”

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