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Stranger Things: Here’s Everything We Know Regarding The Russians’ Experiments

As all the fans of the series, Stranger Things have acknowledged in the third installment of the show that Russian people had been operating in a lab at Hawkins which was situated underground and we also saw the mid-credit scenes which revealed that these Russian scientists were even experimenting on the Upside Down which is practically the other horrific part of the real Universe.

What do we have with these Russian doing experiments in the Upside Down? Read to know the answer!

So now the question arises, that what is with all these Russian experiments? Well, we obviously have a Stranger Things season 4 confirmed which will provide all the answers fans have questions about and might raise some other logical questions too, who knows? Obviously, everything related to Russians and their plans is situated at the top of this list, right after the fate of our beloved Chief Jim Hopper and the possibility of his survival.

The cast members have split, Jim Hopper is assumed dead, Billy died saving others and, Eleven lost her powers, how terrific this show can go?

We witnessed on season 3 of Stranger Things that the main cast members have already split up into 3 major groups as they have dealt with different threats that eventually combined into one major one and required the combined efforts of the whole teen gang of ours plus it also took a couple of sacrifices like losing Hopper and Billy. Billy actually sacrificed himself in order to keep the monster away from harming innocent kids. The drastic moment arrived when we saw that Eleven, or as her real name is, Jane, lost all her magical powers. Then we were hit by the post-credit scenes that revealed the Russians experimenting not only under the Starcourt Mall but also at a base situated in Kamchatka.

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Russians are constantly trying to unveil the secrets of The Upside Down though their purpose is not clear yet!

We had the mid-credits scene which was quite brief but gave some very important hints as to what Russians might be doing. Season 3 began with a bunch of Russian scientists who were trying to open the gate to Upside Down but something went wrong and the scientists got killed. Then Alexie was told by Stepanov that in order to successfully open the gate to this other dark reality, a key is required. We saw that a key has already been opened in Hawkins which means that there are other openings in Russia that could open with some advanced key.

It was also revealed there are surely more keys in Russia but the only one that opened was underneath the Starcourt mall and this means that there are some gates that are partially open. Though no one knows why Russians want to open this gate even though it causes so much destruction.

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