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Stranger Things Season 4: 5 Secrets Of The New Season From Upside-Down

Stranger Things Season 4 should be explained in Upside Down!!

Stranger Things Season 4 has many questions to answer, most of them from the events of season 3, but this new season should also explain Upside Down correctly. In just three seasons, Stranger Things has produced its layered anthology, although it has not yet been fully revealed. The core of the mystery of the series is the other dimension, known as Upside Down, and the dangerous creatures that inhabit it and represent a significant threat to the real world.

Season 1 introduced viewers and some of the Hawkins residents: eleven accidentally opened the door to another dimension after going from top to bottom, literally allowing Demogorgon to enter. Season 2 saw Upside Down slowly occupying Hawkins, only to be stopped once again. Eleven. Then came Season 3, which focused more on the Russians and their experiments in reverse, without really delving into this dimension. Three seasons arrived, and they spent too much to know about Upside Down, so for season 4, it finally depends on exploring it and giving a reasonable explanation.

Stranger things are upside down!!

Stranger things wouldn’t happen without Upside Down. If the second dimension is not present, the experiments in Hawkins Lab will be different, and Hawkins will probably never know what was happening behind his door. Put: Upside Down is the core of the series and should not be used as it should be. Upside Down’s role so far is that a mysterious environment in which no one dares to discover who has been destroyed or who is physically and psychologically affected by it.

Stranger things need to be better explained!!

There is a lot about the previous one that the Duffer Brothers do not want to share (for some reason), and as a result, only a small part of the complete mythology of the series. The narrative can be known by gathering everything that is shown so far. The reverse is an alternative dimension, which means that it is a mirror of the real world (it has the same space and infrastructure) but in a state of decomposition. Properties such as light and gravity seem to work the same way in the real world, and Hawkins’ sound is reflected backward. Also, everything within the second dimension is part of a hive intelligence controlled by the shadow monster.
Explaining this part of their mythology makes it easier for strange things to explore other elements that are also a mystery (either directly backward or not), such as the door, the experiment (both of Americans and Russians) in dimensions — effects of moving between (beyond the flashing lights) and more.

How Stranger Things can fix season 4 backward:

There are some ways Stranger Things can clear up in Season 7 without feeling compelled by the viewers of Season 6. This may already be in the authors’ plans since the advance of the announcement showed that “they are not in Hawkins,” emphasizing Upside Down. It is also rumored that Stranger Things includes time travel in Season 4, which may be useful in explaining the origins of Upside Down. While this has not been confirmed, it is assumed that Season 4 of Stranger Things may be the last, which gives you the perfect opportunity to deepen and explore it in the end.

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