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Will ‘1917’ Available On Netflix To Stream? Here’s What You Should Know

We had Clin Firth, George MacKay, Dean Charles Chapman and Daniel Mays staring in the iconic movie 1917 that released last year in 2019. As it is obvious that after Dunkirk, 1917 is the biggest war movie that has been ever made and thus it is easy to conclude that this movie is absolutely a home run. This movie is set during the time of World War 1 and two responsible soldiers are given the task of running a message deep into enemy territory in order to prevent the mass slaughter of a battalion of men.

1917 was literally the best war movie till date after Dunkirk!

The movie has already been taking away all the honorary awards at the award events while it recently scored two wins at the Golden Globe Awards that took place pretty recently. The movie is available for watching in theatres all around the globe although it did get select in cinema screening in the month of December 2019 to qualify for awards.

Now if we peep further to take a look at the streaming status of the film 1917, it is mostly advised to attend it at an IMAX cinema screen if you are able to as it has a lot of visually stunning content.

1917 will surely arrive at streaming giant Netflix but when?

But when it comes to Netflix, we must start discussing it from the United States because it is way easier to cover it. If we try to tell you in less length, Netflix of Unites States will eventually get 1917 but it will not stay permanently on the streaming platform. This is because Universal Picture, the one who publishes and distributes the movie, currently has an output deal with HBO which is going to last for about three years mostly way up until the year 2022, and who knows that it might extend.

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Netflix obviously can gun for the contract when it comes to the talk to renewal, after all, Netflix has already lost several big output deals in the past few years with Dreamworks and also Disney.

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