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6-Year-Old Boy Beaten To Death By Coach Who Was Babysitting

Family members and relatives assembled in Inglewood Saturday to lay to rest a 6-year-old South Los Angeles boy who was supposedly beaten to death by a man reported as an elementary school coach last month.

The Boy Died Due To His Severe Injuries

Dayvon “DayDay” Taylor was in the custody of 23-year-old Tyler D’Shaun Martin-Brand when he endured injuries that finally led to his death later the next day at a hospital, according to Downey Police Department officials and prosecutors statement in a news conference.

Daylor died on Dec. 26 after supposedly being severely battered by Brand at his Downey residence,” the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office stated in a written statement.

The Family members and relatives mourn after the loss of the little family member, they described the boy as kind and a beautiful soul.


The little child had been in Martin-Brand’s care for several days over the holiday break, Lawyers said. Family members and relatives described him as Taylor’s coach at Normandie Avenue Elementary School in South Los Angeles, where Taylor was a 1st-grade student.

Downey police and official named the suspect as an “acquaintance” of the child’s mother. Lawyers described him as the boy’s godfather.

Martin-Brand will face charges of murder and attack on a child, causing death. The Evil man was set at $2 million.

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