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‘Anne With An E’ Why Was The Series Cancelled For Season 4? What Does This Cancellation Mean

All of us develop a sense of liking to a show which relates to us in one way or the other, but the case with ‘Anne With An E’ is altogether a different thing. Twitterati’s stormed twitter when they got to know their favorite show isn’t going to be renewed. And there are no chances whatsoever for the show to be aired again. But the confirmation not only outraged the fans, but they started pleading for its renewal.

Why the fans have to bear the cancellation?

Despite trending the hashtag #RenewAnnewithanE by flooding it with a million tweets, the fans were left disappointed amid the confirmation from stakeholders. And after a post by ‘Anne With An E’ director Moira Walley-Beckett on Instagram, fans lost all the hopes for the revival of the show.

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The cancellation was announced by a joint statement from Netflix and CBC. They confirmed that season 3 would be the last, and no further seasons are going to be aired. The producer reportedly denied season 4 as they were not up for streaming on another platform. The sad state of mind is quite inevitable amid the categorical denial of airing any further season.

The reasons concerning the cancellation got even more apparent when the show producer Moira Walley-Beckett narrated her contentions regarding the complete denial of Netflix and CBC.

The producer wrote in her post about her constant struggle with other stakeholders and how she was unable to convince them, she talked about the role of economics, algorithm, etc., to suffice her end of the argument. She even mentioned the network’s inability to continue ‘Anne With An E.’ And she also expressed her grief that they were unable to find other platforms to air the show.

Another producer of the show Miranda de Pencier also expressed her grief on her Instagram post, where she also stated her thoughts on similar lines and directly said that there are no chances for the revival of the show.

The faults line developed right from the time the show was aired for the 3rd season when reports started coming in about the breaking of a partnership between CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Company)  and Netflix. The apprehensions were based on the fact that the association between Netflix and the CBC can hurt the domestic markets, and also the financial viability was one of the potent causes of the discontinuation of the series.

The plight of fans

Fans are disappointed with the fact that there will not be another season, and all the attempts on social media proved to be of no use as the drift between CBC and Netflix was a way to profound. The differences were on so many grounds that even the producers couldn’t convince the streaming partners. Although the saddest part is the inability of the online streaming content provider to see the non-materialistic section to the whole set of events, which tendered the fans empty-handed.

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