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Composer Matt Novack Talks About Netflix’s Show ‘Medical Police’, Details Inside.

It seems like Netflix is all set with yet another iconic show, Medical Police. The show is now available to stream on Netflix and Matt Novack who served as a composer for the series has made some major revelations in a recent interview.

Matt Novack Talks About His Recent Project: Medical Police.

The show no doubt has a unique sense of humor that will definitely be popular amongst fans. When asked to the composer that whether this show is more like a spinoff of Children’s Hospital, the composer opened up about his work.

According to the composer, the score is more like a modern globe-trotting action/adventure, with a hint of mystery and spy tones. It’s not a specific parody of anything, per se, but just like the show itself, it is more of an homage to the genre. The composer also confessed that he had more freedom with this show as he had earlier worked with these guys for most of his career. They have developed a really fantastic working relationship and a level of trust.

Is There Going To Be Something New Regarding The Music Score, Reveals The Composer?

When the composer was asked whether the two shows will have a similar theme or is there going to something fresh or not, the composer assured that it is time to leave their old lives behind, and that is the last time we hear anything resembling a Children’s Hospital there.

Medical Hospital took place in Brazil, so the composer was asked whether that has influenced the music score or not? On this question, Matt answered that the score, in general, has a world-eclectic tone to it. Although the team did want to inject hints of specific regional instruments when Owen and Lola travel to a new location, so there is a little bit of berimbau in the cue as well.

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