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Here’s The Right Thing Which ‘The Witcher’ Have Done, But Not ‘Game Of Thrones’, Details Inside

You obviously can not differentiate between the super popular shows, Game of Thrones by HBO and The Witcher by Netflix because they are almost the same in genre and action but varies in the plot. Even though both the shows are fantasy projects, the two are such unlike takes on the genre and it is obviously so hard to sit down and make any real connection between the two. Well, the fact remains solid that streaming giant Netflix and all the other names on TV are trying to achieve the Game of Thrones level of popularity while The Witcher has a strong start regarding that respect.

The two famous series, Game of Thrones and The Witcher are best in their own genres and literally, no one can compare the two!

You know, all my friends, literally each and every one of them has watched The Witcher at least once while some of them like me, are already binging it again. The Witcher is a total hit on Netflix’s side and the streaming platform claims that it is their second most popular original series of the year 2019 even though we have only had the series for like three weeks maximum.

The show has now been placed by the external matrics as the most popular streaming original across any service at the moment. The books are shooting up at their sales and know what? The Witcher game has gained even more popularity than it had at the point of the launch date.

The Witcher has got the most views even though it has just been 3 weeks probably and the game of it is also reaching heights!

And then, we have The Witcher earning another advantage over the most iconic series mad to date, Game of Thrones. For as much as people love this show which ran for approximately 10 years, you just have to admit that the series went downhill at the time where it ran out of source material from the books of George R. R. Martin.

The twists and turns in it were had to be made up by the directors and producers and the working staff behind the screen and these plots ultimately did not seem very authentic. Like those guys killed Daenerys Targaryen, man! She was my favorite character. Fans were so, so much disappointed by the ending of it and everything seemed to bundle up when the last episode of the last season premiere and majority of people literally hated it.

One advantage The Witcher has that the books from which it is adopted are completely written while Game of Thrones’ plot was mostly decided by directors and producers!

This is absolutely not the case with The Witcher because it has been adapted from the very original books by William Sapkowski. The Witcher series got completed 20 years ago in the year 1999 and thus, hopefully, we will not have a worse case like Game of Thrones, thank you very much.

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