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Idaho Man Stopped To Help A Couple Having Car Issues, Ended Up Having His Own Car Stolen With Two Kids On Backseat


An Idaho father stayed to lend a hand to a couple having car problems — and ended up having his car stolen with his two kids in the backseat, according to the authorities.

The good Samaritan pulled over Saturday night to help 24-year-old Raymond Aguirre and 29-year-old Bobbie Jo Torres after their car slid off Interstate 15 throughout icy conditions in Pocatello, according to the sources.

But when the father got out to support them, Aguirre and Torres jumped into his car with his two kids inside and sped away, leaving the man behind on the side of the road, police told.

The dad talked 911 to report that his car with kids inside had stolen.

Officials then found the car outside a residence and kicked down the home’s door, finding Aguirre and Torres inside.

The duo captured, but the children were not with them, the source reported.

About 10 minutes later, police informed that the children had fled from the suspects and walked to a relative’s house, officials told.

Police went to the family member’s house and verified that the kids were OK and reunited them with their father.

Charges And Punishments

The duo captured on charges for grand theft. Aguirre and Torres kept at the Bannock County Jail, and more indictments required to be registered, according to the sources.

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