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Northern Ireland Makes Same-Gender Marriages Legal For Valentine’s Day Ceremonies

The same-gender marriage has been officially termed legal in Northern Ireland today, following years of campaigning by LGBTQ+ campaigners. From today, gay couples can now show their intention to get married.

This indicates that the first public services will take place in the week of Valentine’s Day. The rule turned overnight to indicate that the country now yields the same type of law on the problem as the rest of the UK, following a vote in June.

One happy couple, Elise Richey and Margaret Seeds from Lisburn informed in an interview that the reforms made in the law were the “icing on the cake” for their association. Elise revealed, “We did think moving across to England to engage but we live in Northern Ireland and when we would have come back it would not have been identified.”

The changes made in the former law was voted through by MPs in Westminster while the devolved Stormont Assembly encountered gridlock for three years. It implies that the couples who have married abroad before will now have their weddings legally acknowledged.

In the Republic of Ireland, same-gender marriage was officially made legal in 2015, after it followed a consecutive win for the yes campaign during a referendum. The UK amended the law in 2013, with the first weddings happened in March 2014.

Claire Sugden, who is a former justice minister, tweeted, “Same-gender wedding is now legal in NI. We expected too long for this day. I am sure today will be very passionate for the LGBT area who now share the same rights as me. Seeing ahead to my first marriage invite! That is a big hint!’ Her Assembly colleague Andrew Muir added: Same-gender Wedding is now legal in Northern Ireland.”

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