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‘Stranger Things’ Unveils Where Kali Was In Season 3, Details Inside

We had season 3 of Netflix’s most-watched series of the last year, Stranger Things, and its debut was mind-blowing. Like every fan was so struck by the plot twists it had in store, and with the death of our beloved Billy and Hopper being dead slash disappeared, we were disappointed and sad.

We were introduced to a new character whose name was Kali Prasad in season 2 of Stranger Things, but she mysteriously remained absent in season 3!

In season 2, we had an introduction to Kali Prasad, or better known as test subject number eight in the same laboratory where Eleven was jailed and experimented on. Eleven, through her powers, finds a way back to her origin, her sister, Kali. We fans had such a great time seeing them bond with each other.

But in the third season, Kali remained absent totally, and it was quite strange. Now, we have a revelation from a brand new comic book that tells what Kali was up to during all this time. Maybe, just maybe, she is paving her way in the next installment. Well, all the gratefulness goes to a plethora of ties in materials that are quickly forming a sort of Stranger Things Expanded Universe.

From the comic books, it has been revealed that Kali was helping other kids from the laboratory to escape and find each other!

And with this, fans are being introduced to a lot of test subjects from Project Indigo that were never seen on the screen. This happens at the point of time when Mike Wheeler and his other two friends are searching for Will Byers in the forest because he is lost and accidentally comes across Eleven and discover the Upside Down.

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There is this comic tale, Into the Fire, which is set just three months before Stranger Things 3 happen in the month of April 1985. It shows that the other kids at Hawkins lab learn about the lab getting closed and thus gather together to use their abilities to escape. Their quest leads them to Hastings Glen, where they are rejoined with Eight and her crew from Chicago. This reunion gets cut short when Kali reveals that a member, Nine, is still alive and is being held at some sort of a hospital

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