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Video Of Man Enjoying His Chips While Fight Broke Out In A Kebab Shop Is The New Fun For Internet

A man is stoically having chips as chaos erupted nearby; he has been hailed the epitome of British values. Chris Hill, 52, kept calm and moved on while other customers in Ken’s Kebab shop threw punches and fought one another on Friday night.

Members of staff were involved in attempting to calm the situation, which saw them whirling around the shop until the fight settled up on the street in Portsmouth.

Facilities manager Mr. Hill stated:

‘I turned to see a man and shop worker throwing things at each other and then this tall guy kicked the food counter. ‘I thought about moving at one point, but I was enjoying my kebab and chips… although the chips weren’t very nice.’ He told media he kept on listening to Capitol Radio on his headphones as the brawl escalated, and another customer recorded it.

At one point, he began looking at his phone, apparently unconcerned with the ruckus. It was not clear precisely what led to the brawl starts. However, it occurs with customers disputing with the staff behind the counter. Hampshire Police were not invited out to deal with the incident. Ken’s Kebabs declined to say.

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