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Airline Demands A Lady To Take Pregnancy Test Before Boarding Flight To Saipan


A Japanese woman demanded by an airline to take a pregnancy test before boarding a flight to a US island.

Midori Nishida was flying from Hong Kong to Saipan to attend her parents when she was required by staff at Hong Kong Express Airways to confirm she was not pregnant as a bit of a ‘fit-to-fly’ assessment.

After informing the crew that she was not pregnant, Nishida brought to the toilet by an employee, who made her urinate on a strip test before they would permit her to get on the plane.

Despite already marking on a check-in questionnaire that she was not pregnant, Nishida was yet required to take the test.

The outcome was negative, and the 25-year-old allowed to board. Nishida called the experience ‘humiliating and frustrating.’

The Reason Behind Incident Explained

The airline reportedly told the test was needed to assure ‘US immigration laws not undermined.’

Hong Kong Express Airways apologized for the event and told the firm was examining the policy in a statement.

The airline replied, ‘in reply to the cases raised by officials in Saipan, we took measures on flights to Saipan from February 2019 to ensure US immigration laws not violated.

We require to apologize to anyone who has hit by this. We have now dismissed the practice while we examine it.’

Amid 2015 and 2016, 715 babies of foreign parentage were born in Saipan, 95 percent of whom were of Chinese origin.

More visitors than locals gave birth on the island in 2018,  US immigration figures states.

It is not unlawful for expectant mothers to travel to the US explicitly to give birth, as long as they can meet all costs and do not lie regarding the purpose of travel.

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