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GTA 6: What’s Really Going With Rockstar’s Masterpiece Release Speculations?

GTA 6 situation is getting more tensed and its release information is just out of reach. However, many analysts and gamers claimed that the game will not come soon.

So it could be a major blow for the franchise but what exactly the reason behind the delay is not out. Instead, there are so many speculations regarding the game announcements.

Expected Release Date

GTA 6 release is far away from this fall but it is believed that the game will arrive next year. Rockstar is already working on the game.


It is rumored that GTA 6 will have a feature of microtransactions, so this will be a huge move by Rockstar Games if this implemented. So players will allow purchasing virtual goods in their game and have a much competitive environment. Microtransactions are very popular in many games such as Pubg and many others, so this could be a revolution for GTA 6.

Why Rockstar Games Didn’t Announce it Yet?

No confirmation by Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games didn’t even confirm the game for a possible release. But there are rumors floating around for a possible release which quite awkward for the game. There is no confirmation by the company itself, only assumptions are made according to possible rumors.

Game Could be In Developing Phase

The game could be still in the developing phase and not ready for a possible exhibition at any of the events. But Rockstar Games got a trick up to their sleeves and could surprise the fans with showing a glimpse of the game very soon.

Rumors Advantage

It looks like Rockstar is taking advantage of rumors to stay in the limelight. this confuses fans and the trend of the game seems to be at no end.

Source: Swerd Media

Platforms Update

It is speculated that the platform is highly concerned for the game and only next-gen consoles will get their hands on the game. So Xbox One and Ps4 will not get the game into their library and that’s a major blow for the users of the old console.

Crucial Online features

GTA 6 should not break its tradition and implement the same major features of the game. GTA online world is way different from the other open-world games and it is much appreciable by the fans.

Source: Red Bull


Heists are a major part of the game and heists expands the activities in the game. So Heists should be added in the next edition and then it will work fine for the franchise once again.

Race Wars

Race wars are also a major factor that could turn the shape of the game. Racing in GTA is thoroughly enjoyed by the fans and they are Counting on it for the next edition.

Real Estate

The section of real estate is highly anticipated in the franchise and users could trade to an extent. GTA is all about fancy buildings and skyscrapers and when you have the opportunity to have them as your residence or business spot. Then it must be a great addition if these traditions will remain the same in the next edition.

So now it’s up to Rockstar games when they will confirm the game in an announcement. So all we have to do is wait for the official confirmation and fans are fuming with the fact.

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