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MCU Does Not Want To Digitally Revive Deceased Characters

MCU confirmed they have no plans to bring back their dead characters with the help of  CGI efforts!

It looks like fans will miss some of their extended lost characters as MCU is sure about not reviving their dead characters with the help of CGI techniques, as confirmed by the Marvel Executive Vice President, Victoria Alonso, even though other studious are planning on doing so.

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery and is becoming widely famous as other studious are reviving their characters through it. Still, MCU has no plans in doing so for their movies, the MCU has become a big deal in the last ten years fans wait months and years for their new movie release, and Marvel Studious never disappoint us with their visuals and graphics, they have broken all previous records. They have gained an enormous fan base across the world.

With MCU not using the CGI, method means that we will have to say goodbye to characters like Ironman and Blackwidow, many others have tried to copy the MCU financially lucrative formula, but only a few have succeeded.

Previous Attempts at reviving dead characters!

Disney wanted to revive the character of Peter Cushing back as Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Unfortunately, by the time Rouge, one released the character had been dead for 22 years, the film didn’t go into production until 20 years of its death. Carrie Fisher’s role in Star Wars franchise made MCU decided not to use CGI to recreate her character as Leia, and now that Marvel Studious is adamant about not using CGI in any of their newer movies it seems like the best thing.

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