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Oscar 2020: Women, Absent In The Category Of Best Direction

Discrimination against women still prevalent in the industry!

Oscar nomination for 2020 was announced on Monday and once again without a fail women directors have not made it to the list for best director category this is not the first time we such discrimination taking place, in the 92 years of history of the Academy Awards only five women have ever been nominated for the Best Directors category and only one woman ever won the award, and that is Kathryn Bigelow.

A discriminatory trend followed by Golden Globes, BAFTA and DGA Awards!

The Academy Awards have not only shut female directors, but they were also absent at the Golden Globes this is not only an issue with one such organization, but all the rest seem to follow this trend, with every year passing some excellent new women Directors are stepping up and working hard to make it to the industry but we keep shutting them down by not giving them enough recognition.

BAFTA and DGA awards saw a similar pattern where we saw no women nomination in the Feature Film Category, However, at the DGA awards, three of the five nominees for First Time Directors were women this did give us a little ray of hope that we might see a change in the patterns of the Academy Awards and women who deserve directors who deserve the recognition will be given. Hence, but alas, this wasn’t the case.

Hollywood did not stay quiet this time!

The Executive Director of Women in Film LA, Kirsten Schaffer recently released a statement where she feels sorry for all the hard-working women directors who aren’t being appreciated and honored for the beautiful work they do; she said “It’s disheartening that even as the number of women nominated for awards in documentary, short film, and technical categories increases, there have still only been five women considered for the Best Directing award in its 92-year history. The Academy has made efforts to balance its voting bodies, but gender equality and diversity do not just happen. Without a big systemic change in the industry and a real commitment to equity in film finance, distribution, and marketing, this bleak trend will continue.”

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